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A quality Will AND a secure handover plan

Our Intelligent Wills are properly thought through by experienced estate planners, but they also include a free personal Kinvault , to make the process on death easier, faster and more secure.

The Kinvault gathers all your legal, financial and practical information together, keeping track of inheritance and making it simpler for your family to step into your shoes.

FREE Review of Your Existing Will

Already have a Will? We can help you too.

We’ll check over your existing Will to make sure it covers all you need, and then set you up with a Kinvault, so you can benefit from our handover services.

Gold-standard Will advice

Our estate planners all qualify with STEP – the highest industry standard for Will-writers in the UK.

It means we can help you make sense of all your options, not just the basic ones. Your Will is carefully thought through and tailored to you, to ensure that what you want to happen will happen.

  • Estate Protection Trusts

    • Lasting Power of Attorney

    • Property Trusts

    • Lifetime Trusts

    • Gift Trusts

    • Mirror Wills

    • Inheritance Tax

  • Business Relief Planning

  • Deed of Severance

  • Deed of Variation

  • Problem Wills

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